A Singapore Government licensed Employment Agency devoted to recruit NTS (non-traditional sources) workers from India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China workers.

We specialised in the recruitment of foreign workers for PCM, Ship building, Oil & Gas and Construction. Our source of workers are from Bangladesh, India and Myanmar

Our agency mission is to share with Singapore employers our years of accumulated experience in the search, selection, recruitment and management of foreign worker/talent.

Founded in 1994, FRC is one of Singapore leading recruitment agencies and have links with China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, & Philippines

Why FRC?

FRC clients are NOT deceived by unethical suppliers (including unlicensed agent/s operating in and out of Singapore) who may not understand the legality and other issues related to employment of foreign workers. The Employment of Foreign Manpower Act, The Employment Act, The Immigration Act and related legislations and different types of work pass, etc are issues that employer should be wary of and NOT to infringe.

The different cultures and beliefs that foreign workers bring with them to Singapore must be professionally and carefully managed so that they can comply with the company’s rules and regulations and work more effectively

FRC strenuously search and maintain our network of foreign suppliers who are ethical and vigilant in the recruitment process of foreign workers.

We handle the protocol, formalities and ensure that our client needs are not compromised in any way while recruiting overseas or executing disciplinary matters when necessary.

Dedicated To Serving Employer Since 1994
(Singapore Employment Agency License number 94C4582)

Licensed by Singapore Ministry of Manpower, Foreign Recruitment Centre Pte Ltd have been recruiting from many countries including Malaysia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

Since 1997, FRC was granted the permission by Singapore Ministry of Labour (then) to recruit workers from China for employers in Singapore.

The accumulated challenges and experience in handling foreign workers with diverse cultures form the resolve to handle theconflict if it arises so that our clients do not need to PAY THE PRICE OF THE LEARNING CURVE.


The Licensee ~ William Tan Kian Seng :

Mr. William Tan Kian Seng, holder of Employment Agency license for Foreign Recruitment Centre Pte Ltd has been in the manpower business for more than 30 years.

William is one of the few in Singapore who participated in the sending of Singaporeans to work in hotels and airport ground handling services in the Middle East in the late 70 and early 80. With the growth of Singapore economy in the 90's, and to meet the increasing demand for skilled workers, he has also started to recruits foreigners to work in Singapore.


Who are FRC clients?

Employers who believe in the welfare & wellbeing of foreign workers and are willing to pay a decent wage will reap the best return for their companies. Contribution of foreign workers/talents can only be maximized by thoughtful and caring employers. While clients are busy with their business, FRC looks after their recruitment needs.

Our clients from various sectors including manufacturing, hotel, construction, shipbuilding, food, pharmaceutical, supermarket, retail industries replyrecruit from FRC quality foreign workers since 1994. They include MNC, small & medium enterprises and market leaders in their respective business.

From Engineers, Technicians, skilled & semi-skilled workers to office staff, sales, waiters & waitresses and many more categories add to FRC list of foreign workers recruited for Singapore.

How is FRC Different?

Our meticulous handling of the search process to overseas interview trip (when necessary) to application of work permit, receiving of workers to arranging of accommodation is met with approval from employers.

Work permit online, security bond, medical check-up, etc are all part of our daily work.

Our Approach

We provide Friendly, Efficient, Effective, Firm and Decisive Service to deliver our commitment. We understand our clients stress and tension in finding the right worker for the right job.

Our staffs are all experienced in handling NTS workers.

We seek joint consultation with clients to handle issues that may arise.

FRC is dedicated to:

  • Meeting all our clients to understand and match their needs.
  • Provide the service to help foreigner to assimilate into the work place quicker.
  • Respect and work with our clients to achieve their objective.
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Company Profile
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